Nancy N. Byl, Ph.D. P.T., Chair


Tuesday February 27, 2001

1. Minutes

No minutes were available to review

2. Chair’s Report

  1. a. Chair reported that the Committee still needed to make a recommendation about the electronic catalog versus the printed catalog sometime this year. Nothing has happened with this discussion since last year.
  2. b. Chair reported that Dr. Pitts was looking into recombining Committees and asking all committees to review the Senate Bylaws. The Bylaw for this committee is Bylaw 145. Committee members will receive this for the May meeting.
  3. c. Committee needs to look at the Course Form and indicate if there should be any changes for next year.
  4. d. The Chair reported that the Academic Senate had yet to assign any support staff to this committee.

3. Old Business

The Chair sent out requests for additional information and course changes for 14 courses from the November meeting.

4. New Business

  1. a. 66 course forms were reviewed. Many of these courses were included in the medical school curriculum revision. Many of these courses did not have any behavioral objectives listed. The Chair was to contact Dr. Loesser in the School of Medicine to see if she could ask the instructors to provide behavioral objectives.
  2. b. Neuroscience requested changes for 17 courses. These courses did not have behavioral objectives stated. Many of the courses were to be offered every three years. The electronic catalog does not have a column for this information. Nancy was to contact the Neuroscience program and ask them to add specific information about which years the courses would be offered and clarify the behavioral objectives.
  3. c. Several pharmacy courses needed information on competencies.

The meeting dates were set up for the review of Instructional Improvement Grants: March 6 and March 20, 2001. All Committee members would be assigned grants to review. If they could only attend one meeting, each member was to make it clear to the Chair in order to prioritize the review of the grants when the committee members were present. All committee members were asked to complete the review forms even if they could not attend a meeting. Ultimately Gail Persily or Nancy Byl could use the review form to provide feedback to faculty.

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