Warren Gold, M.D., Chair

Meeting of February 28, 2001

PRESENT: Chair Warren Gold, Raymond Braham, Joseph Guglielmo, Susan Janson, Scott Soifer, Vice Chancellor Haile Debas

ABSENT: Joel White, Jane Weintraub

The meeting of the Clinical Affairs Committee was called to order by Chair Gold on February 28, 2001 in M688. A quorum was present.

Chair’s Report/Announcements/Discussions

Committee members were asked to review the January Minutes and send approval/comments via email to Chair Gold.


Chair Gold reported that AS Chair Pitts would like CAC to complete its bylaws ASAP.

Discussion regarding the Committee bylaws centered on changing the composition of the committee to include one representatives from SOD, SOM, SON and SOP of both senate and clinical/adjunct series. The chair of Graduate Council would remain as an ex-officio member.

Ex-officio members include CEO’s from Moffitt Hospital, SFGH, and the VA and to meet with CAC at least once per quarter. Vice Chancellor of Medical Affairs Debas will remain as an ex-officio member and meet with CAC on a monthly basis.

Action: Motion was made and unanimously approved. Change to bylaws will be forwarded to AS Chair Lawrence Pitts and to the Rules and Jurisdiction Committee.


AIR – Chair Gold has requested Dean Attkinson to provide comments, but no response has been received. Senate Analyst, Anna Cho will follow up to solicit the Dean’s response.

Vice Chancellor Debas reported:

  • There is approximately $3 million shortage in UCSF budget. Salary adjustments may be recommended by the Chancellor’s steering committee to make up the difference.
  • In order for SFGH to have a Trauma Center, they will need a Residency Program and for Residency Program to be at SFGH, academic faculty members will be needed. At this time, SFGH has not made any plans to accommodate academic facilities or faculty. A sub committee has been formed to look into this matter and held its first meeting on February 27, 2001.
  • There’s a possibility that UCSF may build its own Trauma Center, possibly on the Mission Bay Campus. However, some have expressed concerns that it may not suit the public’s need due to Mission Bay’s location.
  • St. Mary’s Trauma Center may close and CPMC may move its center to Davis.
  • Vice Chancellor Debas commented that public is more favorable for SFGH’s new hospital to be built on current hospital’s parking lot and keep the old hospital.

Chair Gold asked about the possibility on using of the old hospital for academic purposes. Vice Chancellor Debas responded that it’s the old hospital could be used for faculty offices and conference rooms but not for research laboratories.

Chair Gold commented that future of SFGH is critical and important for the sake of UCSF.

All committee members agreed that Academic Impact Review (AIR) report should focus on UCSF’s academic impact and mission and emphasize building partnerships with other entities like the VA, SFGH and Moffit.

Vice Chancellor commented that SF City & County has been talking about developing a new method of payment for services provided by UCSF at SFGH. There is large number of UCSF faculty and staff members at SFGH and this matter should be looked at.

UCSF Fresno campus needs to strengthen its faculty members; they have not been able to recruit new members.

Medical Center Budget

For involvement in the Medical Center budget process, we need to contact Mark Laret office. He had agreed to join the Committee at its March meeting to provide a status report on the finance of the Medical Center. The Clinical Affairs Committee is working with the Academic Planning and Budget Committee of the Senate to see where and how this Committee should be involved. The Committee believes that Mark Laret’s report will be important to understand the Medical Center budget. The Committee will extend an invitation to Mark Laret to attend the March Meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 10:30am.

Senate Staff:
Anna C. Cho
Senate Analyst

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