Stanton Glantz, Ph.D., Chair

Meeting of September 19, 2000

PRESENT: Chair S. Glantz, D. Bainton, D. Bikle, J. Showstack

ABSENT: N. Agabian, S. Barclay, C. Hunt,Chair, C. Miaskowski, A. Kahn, L. Zegans

The meeting of the Committee on Academic Planning and Budget was called to order by Chair Glantz on September 19, 2000 at 1:15 p.m. in Room S-318. A quorum was called.

The minutes from August 15, 2000 were approved.

Announcement from the Chair
The Academic Senate Chair Lawrence Pitts as requested all Committees of the Senate to review their Bylaws. As a result, APB Bylaws will be re-examined to verify that they accurately describe Committee duties. Bylaw updates will be submitted to the Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction (CRJ). Areas under review include the size of membership, term of service, ex officio members, and APB’s vision/mission. CRJ will review APB’s offering with an eye toward suggesting revisions that address expanded committee responsibilities.

Chair Glantz’s vision for APB includes an operational structure similar to those at UCLA and UCSC. The Academic Senate APB Committees on both of these campuses are heavily involved in their campus budget processes and make formal recommendations to their administrations. Chair Glantz indicated that he will initiate meetings with Vice Chancellor Steve Barclay to address how UCSF might begin a parallel structure. The Committee anticipates that suggested changes to the UCSF Division Bylaws for APB will be finalized by the Committee following its budget process discussions with UCLA, UCSC and Vice Chancellor Barclay .

Tuition Fee Reduction
Vice Chancellor Dorothy Bainton expressed concern over the current policy for a reduced tuition fee for "targeted employees" only, not for children of employees. A proposal championed by the Statewide Committee on Faculty Welfare which is in its final stages of approval is the Tuition Fee Waiver program that would grant fee waivers for spouses, children, domestic partners of all UC employees. This program may be phased in as early as July 2001. The concern is that tuition fee reductions could amount to $500,000 here at UCSF and may be have to paid by the department in which the employee resides. The proposal might prove problematic for departments with limited funding. Dr. Bainton shared one suggestion that a possible solution might be to look to the Chancellor’s discretionary funds. APB will consider forming a task force to provide a forum for faculty expression. Discussion will continue at the next APB meeting.


Enterprise Network System (ENS)
In Vice Chancellor Barclay’s absence, the Chair briefed members on ENS. Chair Glantz indicated that Vice Chancellor Barclay is working to establish uniform standards and to address the many ramifications impacting faculty. Accounting is involved at the ground level. Vice Chancellor Barclay plans to contact Senate Division Chair Dr. Pitts to ensure that a representative from APB be appointed to all subcommittees involved in this matter. Dr. Showstack volunteered to serve and will go over the process with Accounting before arranging an information discussion with Vice Chancellor Barclay to discuss whether APB should create a working group to address its concerns.

Clinical Fellows Salary
Chair Glantz summarized the spectrum of responses. The Clinical Fellows Salary Task Force met once and will report to APB at its next meeting. The final report will be forwarded to Dr. Susan Wall for inclusion in her report to the President’s Office.


Accounting Standards
Discussion continued with the organization of a standard campus accounting policy. It was agreed that at least one member from APB should be represented on that committee. Campus Auditor, Cynthia Fenwick will be invited to an APB meeting to enlighten its members.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

Senate Staff:
Annie Bruster
Administrative Analyst

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