John Greenspan MD

Brief Biography

Academic Senate

1976-present Twenty-eight ad hoc Review Committees of the Committee on Academic Personnel (Chair of seven) and eight department chair/dean/organized research unit director ad hoc Stewardship Review Committees (Chair of two)
1977-86, 92-93, Representative Assembly (School of Dentistry Representative 1977-79,
1998-present ex officio 1979-86, 1992-1993, 1998-present)
1978-82, 92-95 Committee on Committees (At Large Representative, Chair 1994-95)
1978-82 Committee on Research (Vice Chair 1979-80, Chair 1980-82)
1978-84 Faculty Council, School of Dentistry (Chair 1979-81)
1979-86, 92-95 Coordinating Committee (Chair 1983-85)
1980 Committee on Award for Excellence in Teaching
1980-82 Statewide Committee on Research
1981-83, 92-93 Vice Chair, San Francisco Division, Academic Senate
1983-85 Chair, San Francisco Division, Academic Senate
1983-85 Member, Academic Council of the Statewide Academic Senate
1987-90, 92-93 Committee on Academic Planning and Budget
1991-92 Member, Committee to Review the Education Abroad Program for UK/Ireland for the Statewide Academic Senate
1992-93 Alternate member, Academic Council of the Statewide Academic Senate
1993 University Service Award
1993 Committee to Plan Chancellor's Martin's Inauguration
1994-95 Statewide Committee on Committees
1994-95, 96-98 Subcommittee on Indirect Cost Recovery
1998–present UCSF Division Parliamentarian
1998–present Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction
1999–2000 Ad Hoc Committee to review the Compendium of Universitywide Review Processes

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