Communication from the Committee on Academic Personnel

June 21, 2001

Dorothy F. Bainton, MD
Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs
C-116, Box 0652
San Francisco, CA 94143-0652

RE: Consideration of "Career Review" Concept

Dear Dr. Bainton:

The Committee on Academic Personnel discussed your request to consider and comment on the concept of "Career Reviews," an example of which was implemented by UC Riverside. As a general matter, the Committee strongly supports development of a formal process by which a candidate, or other parties such as deans, might initiate an assessment of a candidate’s overall record in order to determine her or his appropriate rank/step. In contrast to the UC Riverside process, however, the Committee feels from its initial discussions that the "Career Review" procedures should be available to all series, rather than limited to ladder-rank, and should include the option of assessing whether a faculty member is in the appropriate series. In addition, there may be other aspects of the UC Riverside process that would not be appropriately applied to this campus.

The Committee believes that this issue merits further in-depth discussion and a detailed proposal for such reviews on our campus. However, in light of the greater number of files to review in the spring, the Committee has determined to move additional deliberation on this issue to the fall in order to allow sufficient time for considered discussion and action. Dr. Donna Ferriero, who will chair the 2001-2002 Committee, has agreed to shepherd the Committee in working on this issue and a related proposal.

Please feel free to contact the Committee, via Gretchen Gende at 6-4245, with any questions you might have.


Committee on Academic Personnel
Brian Alldredge, Chair
Donna Ferriero, Vice-Chair
Martin Bogetz
Barbara Gerbert
Nelson Schiller
Sandra Weiss
Carol Basbaum

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