Linda Ferrell, M.D., Chair

Meeting of March 8, 2001

PRESENT: W. Gold (Vice Chair), D. Irby, D. Bikle, N. Cohen, N. Adler, R. Filly

ABSENT: L. Ferrell (Chair), S. Wall

The meeting of the School of Medicine Faculty Council was called to order by Vice-Chair Gold on March 8, 2001, at 4.15 pm in Room S226.

Announcement from the Chair

No announcement.


N. Adler made a brief presentation to the Committee on Curriculum and Educational Policy and its discussion of possible alternatives to Surgery 110. The Council agreed that this issue was inappropriate for voting by the council and was informational only.

N. Adler informed the committee that the CCEP Retreat would take place on March 18 and that new courses would be developed.

Minutes. The minutes of the last meeting were approved with changes.


N. Cohen reported that the selection of the Chairs for Orthopedic Surgery and ENT is almost complete.


Revision of Bylaws

The Committee approved the revised bylaws with changes:

Section II, Subsection 1., Part A now reads:

Members. There shall be seven elected members of the Academic Senate, six ex officio members…(Am. 3/01)

Section II, Subsection 1., Part B now reads:

Representatives shall serve three-year terms (Am. 6/93 & 3/01)
The elected members of the Academic Senate are each to have a three-year term, staggered such that two or three members shall be elected every year…(Am. 3/01)

Section II, Subsection 1., Part E now reads:

D. Officers – The council of the Faculty shall select from its elected members a Chair and a Vice-Chair, subject to confirmation by the Faculty.
E. Replacements – If an elected Senate member or a representative is unable to serve for four months or longer, the council of the Faculty shall appoint a replacement member from the appropriate constituency to serve during that period subject to confirmation by the Faculty. (Am. 9/91, 4/92, & 3/01)
F. If an elected Senate member or representative incurs three consecutive, unexcused absences, the council of the faculty shall appoint a replacement member from the appropriate constituency to serve until the next election. (Am. 3/01)…

(Parts F, G, and H are now lettered G, H, and I).

Section II, Subsection 1., Part H now reads:

H. Quorum – A quorum shall consist of any five elected members provided that one of the officers, or designee, is present. (Am. 3/01)

Section II, Subsection 2., Part B, First Paragraph:

This paragraph is now numbered 1) and therefore, should read:

Section II, Subsection 2., Paragraph 2, Part b) should now read:

b) The Committee is authorized to initiate such studies and to make such reports in accordance with Bylaw II.2.A. (6) as it may deem appropriate upon the establishment or disestablishment of curricula and educational policy and procedure. (Am. 3/01)

Discussion of Implementation of Compensation Plan

The Committee discussed the implementation of the new Compensation Plan as outlined in the recent memo from Lee Goldman, M.D., to the Faculty of the Department of Medicine, and Warren Gold’s proposed response to this memo as outlined in a draft letter to Dean Cohen.

The Committee expressed concern that there is no clear stipulation in the text of Goldman’s memo requiring a faculty vote before final implementation of the plan. The Committee voiced additional concern regarding the composition of the Department of Medicine Compensation Advisory Committee, which is consists of five elected members (one for each academic series), four members appointed by the Chair to provide diversity, plus the chairs from Moffitt, VA, and SFGH.– The Committee questioned whether the presence of "-three chairs" might unduly "stifle" discussion.

At N. Cohen’s request, these issues, as addressed in W. Gold’s draft letter, will first be directed to L. Goldman, before referral to the Office of the Dean.

Report from David Irby regarding the UC Electronic Communications report from the Office of the President.

This item will be referred to the next meeting of the Faculty Council.


D. Irby informed the Council that grievance and appeal procedures are now in the process of being updated.

Warren Gold informed the committee that the Committee on Academic Planning and Budget is currently working to involve the faculty in planning and budget on an unprecedented scale. The goal is to have faculty involved in the development of both the academic budget and the medical center budget from the start.

The meeting was adjourned at 5.15 p.m.

Senate Staff:
Elizabeth Langdon-Gray
Senate Analyst

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