Neal Cohen, M.D., Chair

Meeting of October 12, 2000

PRESENT: Chair L. Ferrell, D. Bikle, H. Debas , R. Filly, W. Gold, R. Krieg, F. Longo, P. Patterson, D. Wara, R. Warren

ABSENT: N. Adler, R. Binder, P. Weintrub

GUESTS: Neal Cohen, Karl Van Gundy, Susan Wall

The meeting of the School of Medicine Faculty Council was called to order by Chair Ferrell on October 12, 2000 at 4:00 p.m. in Room S-226. A quorum was present.


The minutes from September 14, 2000 were approved.

Announcement from Chair

Chair Ferrell initiated introductions between the Faculty Council and the two new Faculty Council Members, Roy Filly and Frank Longo.

Dean’s Report

Dean Debas reported that Vice Dean Cohen has been elected President of the Clinical Practice Organization (CPO). Dr. Cohen will continue as Vice Dean.

Dean Debas reported that a candidate has verbally accepted the position of chair of the Ear, Nose and Throat Department.

Interviews have begun for the Orthopedic Surgery Department chair position.

The external review of the possibility of a merger between the Laboratory Medicine and Pathology Departments has commenced.

Dean Debas met with Mayor Willie Brown and Department of Health Director Mitchell Katz to discuss the situation at San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH). As a result, the Cardiac Cath Lab will be renovated in six months; an agreement with St. Luke Hospital has been formed to refer Cardiac Cath Lab patients to SFGH and an agreement has been formed to increase funding for infrastructure. Dean Debas indicated that the Mayor understood the crisis and felt cautiously optimistic about the improvements.

Dean Debas discussed in detail the changes from an accrual accounting system to fee collection system of hospital payments to departments. The CPO will have billing responsibilities for the Medical Center. Dean Debas will distribute information to faculty on this change and reiterate the details.

Dean Debas reported that the Medicare PATH Audit is nearing completion. The deans of UC medical schools, attorneys and the Office of the President are currently discussing the first choice of a settlement with the Justice Department. A final decision will be reached in two weeks.

Dr. Longo proposed that the Faculty Council invite Vice Dean Cohen and Mark Laret, CEO of the Medical Center to the next meeting for a presentation on the new billing system and how faculty can assist in implementation.

Committee on Curriculum and Education (CCEP) Report

Dr. Adler was not present. No report was presented.

Committee on Student Welfare Report

The Faculty Council approved the 2000-2001 Student Welfare Committee Membership Proposal. Chair Ferrell indicated that this Committee convenes when an issue is presented; therefore the chair, Renee Binder, MD will attend Faculty Council meetings when necessary.

Dr. Binder sent a message that there were no issues to report.

Graduate Medical Education (GME) Report

Associate Dean Wall reported that the Graduate Medical Education Committee created local committees at each hospital as a forum for housestaff to express concerns such as work environment and educational experience. Associate Dean Wall indicated that the local GME Committee at the Veterans Administration Medical Center (chaired by Chief of Staff, Diana Nicoll, MD, PhD) has been successful in obtaining faster computers for housestaff and improving the meal provisions. A similar committee at San Francisco General Hospital has also been initiated, and it is chaired by Sue Carslisle, MD. The SFGH committee is currently addressing housestaff safety issues after a recent carjacking incident of a house officer at gunpoint.

At Moffitt/Long Hospital, a Chief Residents Committee has been formed. It will serve as the forum for communication between housestaff and hospital administrators allowing housestaff an opportunity to contribute to the improvement in the delivery of care to our patients. It also will provide a forum for housestaff to address issues regarding their work environment at Moffitt/Long and Mt. Zion Hospitals. Associate Dean Wall reported that Mark Laret (CEO) and Dr. Ted Schrock (CMO) will attend those meetings.

"Pizza Lunches with the Associate Dean" is another program begun by Associate Dean Wall, who meets privately with housestaff from each department without faculty. It is proving to be successful in sharing information and addressing work environment concerns.

The Medical Board will conduct an audit at UCSF in November to assess how foreign-trained faculty (2113) and trainees (2111) are being employed at the University.

In addition to possible formula-driven salary increases for interns and PGY2 residents which must be approved by the Regents, Associate Dean Wall and Michael Drake, Vice Chancellor of Health Affairs are also proposing a cost-of-living adjustment. Departments currently may provide a housing allowance of $20,000 per resident over the course of the residency. Payment method and amount per year must be approved by Associate Dean Wall.

Bylaws Revision

Chair Ferrell reported that the Academic Senate Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction has not approved revisions to School of Medicine Bylaws initiated last spring. The Faculty Council reviewed the revisions and proposed additional changes. A new draft will be circulated to the Faculty Council and Committee for review, then forwarded to the Committee and faculty for approval.


Election of Faculty Council Officers

The Faculty Council elected Dr. Warren Gold for Vice Chair. School of Medicine Bylaws require officers’ elections to be confirmed by the School of Medicine faculty. Confirmation of this election will be conducted via email.


The next meeting is currently scheduled for November 16 from 3:00 to 4:30 in MUE-244.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:05 p.m.

Faculty Council Attendance Record
D. Bikle
R. Filly
L. Ferrell
W. Gold
R. Krieg
F. Longo
P. Patterson
D. Wara
R. Warren
P. Weintrub
N. Adler ex officio
R. Binder, ex officio
H. Debas, ex officio

Senate Staff:
Judy Dang
Administrative Analyst

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