Neal Cohen, M.D., Chair

Meeting of September 14, 2000

PRESENT: Chair N. Cohen, Vice Chair L. Ferrell, D. BIkle, W. Gold, P. Patterson, K. Van Gundy, S. Wall, D. Wara, P. Weintrub

ABSENT: N. Adler, H. Debas, R. Filly, R. Krieg, F. Longo

GUEST: Robert Warren

The meeting of the School of Medicine Faculty Council was called to order by Vice Chair Ferrell on September 14, 2000 at 2:45 p.m. in Room MUW 427. A quorum was present.


The minutes from August 24, 2000 were approved.

Announcement from Chair

Dr. Ferrell reported that Dr. Warren’s confirmation to replace Dr. Cohen is still pending. The confirmation will be sent to the Faculty in the near future.

Chair’s Report

Clinical Practice Organization (CPO)
Dr. Ferrell reported that the CPO Board of Directors conducted its first meeting on September 12. The Board agreed to solicit nominations for President from the CPO. The Board will also hire an Executive Director and it was recommended to contract with a consultant during the interim.

Dean’s Report

Vice Dean Cohen indicated that the search for a new Chair of Orthopedic Surgery has been initiated.

The Chair of Laboratory Medicine (Dan Stites) has stepped down. Dean

Debas is creating an advisory committee that will consider whether the Department of Laboratory Medicine should be merged with the Department of Pathology. Input from faculty and staff from both departments will be solicited.

Committee on Curriculum and Education (CCEP) Report

Dr. Adler was not present. No report was presented.

Graduate Medical Education (GME) Report

Dr. Wall reported that the Graduate Medical Education Committee created local committees at each hospital as a forum for housestaff to express concerns such as work environment and educational experience. Dr. Wall indicated that the local GME Committee at the Veterans Administration Medical Center (Chaired by Chief of Staff, Diana Nicoll, MD, PhD) has been successful in obtaining faster computers for housestaff and improving the meal provisions. A similar committee at San Francisco General Hospital has also been initiated, and it is chaired by Sue Carslisle, MD.

At Moffitt/Long Hospital, a Chief Residents Committee has been formed. It will serve as the forum for communication between housestaff and hospital administrators allowing housestaff an opportunity to contribute to the improvement in the delivery of care to our patients. It also will provide a forum for housestaff to address issues regarding their work environment at Moffitt/Long and Mt. Zion Hospitals. Dr. Wall reported that Mark Laret, CEO, and Dr. Ted Schrock, CMO, will be involved in this committee.


Dr. Bikle reported that the Committee on Faculty Welfare is actively reviewing the housing shortage situation. Chancellor Bishop has created a committee comprised of faculty and staff members to address this issue.


Election of Faculty Council Officers
The election between Dr. Bikle and Dr. Ferrell for the office of Chair will be conducted by email. The Council agreed to delay nomination of the Vice Chair until the next meeting.

Meeting Schedule for 2000-2001
The Council agreed to continue meeting on the second Thursday of each month, but change the time to 4:00 to 5:30.

The next meeting will take place on October 12 from 4:00 to 5:30in S-226.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:45 p.m.

Faculty Council Attendance Record 09-14-2000
D. Bikle
R. Filly
L. Ferrell
W. Gold
R. Krieg
F. Longo
P. Patterson
K. Van Gundy
D. Wara
P. Weintrub
N. Adler ex officio
H. Debas, ex officio

Senate Staff:
Judy Dang
Administrative Analyst

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