Linda Ferrell, M.D., Chair

Meeting of April 12, 2001

PRESENT: Chair L. Ferrell, D. Bikle, N. Cohen, H. Debas, W. Gold, R. Filly, R. Krieg, F. Longo, P. Patterson, S. Wall, D. Wara, N. Adler

ABSENT: R. Warren, P. Weintraub

GUESTS: S. Glantz, G. Gende

The meeting of the School of Medicine Faculty Council was called to order by Chair Ferrell at 4.10 p.m. on April 12, 2001, in room S-226. A quorum was present.

  • Minutes of meeting of meeting of March 8, 2001 were approved with changes.

Announcement from the Chair

  • Chair Ferrell asked the Council to consider the time of the next State of the School address to be made by Dean Debas on June 14, 2001. The Council asked Chair Ferrell to convey to Dean Debas that a late afternoon address would be preferred.
  • The bylaws of the Faculty Council were approved as amended in the meeting of March 8, 2001.

Deans Report

  • Mission Bay Dean Debas updated the Council on recent decisions regarding the relocation of departments currently located at the Parnassus Heights campus. He noted that the following departments will stay at Parnassus Heights: Stem Cell Biology, Human Genetics, Immunology, Pathogenesis of Microbial Infection.
  • Dean Debas noted that departments have recently been focussed on problems related to managed care, and that this focus has detracted from their academic mission. In order to rectify this problem, Dean Debas considers that there is a need to develop an "organizing principle" to cohesively unite research related issues. He informed the Council that discussion of such a principle is currently underway, and that any such organization will look at the needs of clinician scientists and post-residency research training programs to develop clinician scientists.
  • With regard to recent California energy crises, Dean Debas informed the Council that the Moffitt/Long hospital budget for next year will include an additional $19 million for energy costs.


Peter Kollman, Co-Chair, Ad Hoc Committee on a Supportive Work Environment (appointed by Chancellor Bishop), Associate Dean, School of Pharmacy

P. Kollman gave a brief presentation on work being undertaken by the Ad Hoc Committee on a Supportive Work Environment appointed by Chancellor Bishop. This Committee is composed of 19 members from staff and faculty, and its aim is to look into ways in which UCSF can create and maintain a supportive work environment. The Committee has been considering the issue of a supportive work environment for one and a half years and has highlighted the need for the following programs/provisions at UCSF:

  • A welcome for every member of staff.
  • Mentoring programs.
  • Opportunities for continuing education, including consideration of a proposed sabbatical program and a trial analysis of internship programs for staff members.
  • Provisions for conflict resolution.

P. Kollman informed the Council that there is an ongoing need for faculty input regarding the creation of a supportive work environment for staff. He noted also that co-operation with the Senate is important and should continue.

In response to P. Kollman’s request for feedback, the Council highlighted the following issues:

  • Women in the clinical series, and faculty in the clinical series in general, feel isolated, and many are leaving UCSF in order to work in private practice or to join other institutions which provide a more manageable clinical workload, and higher salaries.
  • A letter indicating specific expectations should be issued to each faculty member as part of the offer of employment and at the time of appointment.
  • Chair of Department/designee should meet with each faculty person annually and this meeting should be documented.

S. Glantz, Chair, Academic Senate Committee on Academic Planning and Budget (APB)

S. Glantz briefly discussed the Committee on Academic Planning and Budget’s restructure proposal, which had been distributed to the Council earlier. In explaining some of the impetus behind the proposal, he highlighted the need for increased faculty involvement in UCSF long range and short term planning and allocation of the UCSF budget and noted the current lack of a cohesive structure in this area. He informed the Council that members of APB had met with all Deans and Vice-Chancellors regarding APB’s restructure proposal, and that modifications to the original proposal have attempted to address concerns raised in those meetings and elsewhere.

S. Glantz asked the Council to consider the feasibility of appointing the Chair of the Faculty Council (or his or her designee) to attend meetings of APB as an active APB member and Faculty Council liaison. The Council expressed concern that this may overburden the Chair in the absence of a volunteer for this role and that it may be preferable to have a member of APB act as a liaison with the Council.

S. Glantz indicated that further discussions of this issue would take place as there are also parliamentary rules that place limits on how the integration with the Faculty Councils can occur. Chair Ferrell indicated that the Council would like to address this issue again at the next Council meeting. S. Glantz requested that the Council consider different options for integration with APB and communicate its preference to APB.

The meeting was adjourned at 5.15 p.m.

Senate Staff:
Elizabeth Langdon-Gray
Senate Analyst

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