Deborah Greenspan, DSC, BDS

The Committee on Equal Opportunity met six times this year. The Committee is charged with the review of the status of women and minorities in all areas over which the Academic Senate has jurisdiction. The Committee also reports annually on the policies and the progress of the Division toward achieving equal opportunity for women and minorities. As needed, the Committee undertakes revision of the booklet "Advancement and Promotion at UCSF: A Faculty Handbook for Success."

The Committee discussed the following issues:

Request to Name a Vice Chair for Committee on Equal Opportunity
The membership suggested that a vice chair be appointed to the Committee. It was agreed that appointment of a vice chair was essential to assist providing the Committee with direction and continuity from one year to the next. Dr. Betty-Ann Hoener, from the School of Pharmacy, was designated Vice Chair.

The membership discussed the Committee’s purpose with regard to the issues of mentoring. There are no formal campus-wide policies in place. The Committee suggested using the handbook "Advancement and Promotion at UCSF, a Faculty Handbook for Success" as one tool for mentoring junior faculty.

Diversity in Hiring Faculty
The Committee discussed some major concerns with regards to the hiring procedures of new faculty on this campus. The Committee proposed the development of new search committee guidelines with regard to hiring faculty at UCSF. The Committee’s concerns centered around adequate representation on search committees and the level to which women and minorities are among the candidates. The Committee suggested that search committees provide information with regard to women and minority candidates, particularly those interviewed and the reasons for not selecting them. The Committee would like to see this as a necessary part of the search report.

Search Committees
The Committee discussed concerns about adequate representation on search committees, also in consideration of women and minorities among the candidates. The Committee suggested that search committees report information with regard to women and minority candidates in particular those interviewed and the reasons for not selecting them. The Committee would like to see this as a necessary part of the search report.

Faculty Handbook
The Committee requested that the Committee on Academic Personnel review the information in the faculty handbook and make recommendations for any changes or corrections. The Committee on Academic Personnel reviewed the handbook and suggested that changes should be made. The Committee appointed a Task Force, which includes a representative from CAP to update the Faculty Handbook. The handbook is posted on the Academic Senate web site.

Expanding Membership
The Committee considered a proposal to expand the Committee’s membership in order to allow for better representation on the Committee. This issue will be discussed when the Committee reviews its Bylaws in the Fall.

Take Your Daughters to Work Day
At the request of Vice Chancellor Dorothy Bainton, the Committee was asked to consider whether the name for the "Take Your Daughters to Work Day" program should be changed. Following an in-depth discussion, the Committee recommended continuation of the program with its present name. The Committee looked at several issues: the name of the program, the inclusion of sons, outreach programs to schools for children who are unable to attend a program, and increasing our interaction with children from diverse backgrounds.

Faculty Development & Pre-Tenure Awards
The Faculty Development and Pre-Tenure Award timeline was discussed. The Committee agreed that an earlier start date is necessary in order to allow ample time for campus-wide dissemination of the awards and review of the applications by the Committee. Sending out the "call for applications" on March 1st was suggested. The Committee believes that, amongst other improvements, the criteria need to be modified. Further discussions will continue in the Fall.

Pre-Tenure Award
The Committee recommended Dr. Gary Herman, Department of Pediatrics to receive this award in the amount of $22,636.

Faculty Development Award
The Committee selected the following individuals to receive this award:

  • Andrew Gray, Department f Anesthesia $22,000
  • Yvonne Kapila, Department of Stomatology $11,000
  • Rajabrata Sarkar, Department of Surgery $11,000

Respectfully submitted,

Deborah Greenspan, DSC, BDS, Chair
Betty-ann Hoener, PhD
Jean Ann Seago, RN, PhD
Catherine Waters, RN, PhD
Lee Jones, M.D.
Diane Wara, M.D.
Jeanine Wiener-Kronish, M.D., ex-officio
Lisa Bero, PhD, ex-officio

Senate Staff:
Marie de Souza
Administrative Analyst

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