Lisa Bero, Ph.D.


Website Revision
The Committee revised the website; information on the Committee’s function and on how to contact members is included. An article on the Committee appeared
in Newsbreak in September.
Review of Academic Freedom Mission Statement
The Committee agreed to review the Committee on Academic Freedom’s mission statement. Committee members’ e-mail addresses were listed on the
Academic Senate website, under the section on the Committee on Academic Freedom. Chair Bero wrote a brief statement to include on the website explaining
that committee members are accessible to inquiries from the campus community.
UCSF Draft Code of Conduct
The Committee held extensive discussion on the purpose and the language used in this text. It is not clear how this document should be used by faculty in conjunction with the Faculty Code of Conduct currently printed in the Faculty Handbook. A suggestion was made that the Faculty Handbook be added to
the list of resources at the end of the text. The suggestion was also made to add a reference to the Academic Personnel policy under the additional resources section.
The Committee aimed to clarify conflict of interest issues, "personal financial gain" and communication with the public. In order to specifically focus on
medical faculty, adoption of language from the existing University conflict of interest guidelines was suggested.
Committee on Academic Freedom Remains Autonomous
Faculty indicated that they would prefer the Committee on Academic Freedom remain an autonomous Senate committee.
Academic Freedom Survey
The survey asked whether the draft mission statement captured faculty members' understanding of the scope of Committee on Academic Freedom, what might
be changed, and whether individuals had experienced situations over the past 5 years that they felt threatened their academic freedom. The survey was distributed
to all faculty through the Academic Senate office.
A total of 161 responses were received, representing approximately 10% of the distribution. Of these, 145 (90%) felt the proposed mission statement did
capture their understanding of AF. However, approximately 16% suggested clarifying additions or deletions. A total of 25 (15.6%) respondents noted they
had experienced a situation that they felt threatened their academic freedom. While 17 out of 22 noted that they had spoken with someone about the situation,
only two considered presenting their concern to the Committee on Academic Freedom.
Chair Bero and Meg Wallhagen interviewed with Lisa Cisneros of Newsbreak and an article on the Committee on Academic Freedom is planned for the
beginning of the academic year. The article will explain the mission of the committee, present a thumbnail of the survey results, and list the names of the
members and website contact information. It is hoped that this article will raise student and faculty awareness of the committee.
Review of UC Health Sciences Corporate Clinical Compliance Program
The Chair of the Academic Senate established a task force to review and revise the current clinical compliance program. The Chair of the Academic Senate
also requested individuals to be part of this task force, which would be comprised of 8-10 faculty members on a short term, temporary basis. The program
is still in draft form and is not yet approved.
Assistance Request from Faculty
The committee received a confidential request for assistance from a faculty member and the issue was handled to the satisfaction of the faculty member.

The committee met once per quarter during the course of the year, at which a full quorum was present.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Bero, Chair
Jeanette Brown
Patrick Fox
Donald Curtis
Ricardo Munoz
William Parmley
Meg Wallhagen, Systemwide Representative

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Judy Dang
Administrative Analyst
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