Academic Senate Standing Committees/Graduate Council appointments
The Committee met at the beginning of the academic year to complete membership appointments to the Committees on Privilege and Tenure and Rules and Jurisdiction. The Committee on Privilege and Tenure membership was increased from five to nine.

The Committee on Committees met five times to select members, chairs, vice chairs for each standing committee and Graduate Council, as well as systemwide representatives to the systemwide Representative Assembly and universitywide committees. Maria Pallavicini and John Greenspan will continue as Divisional Secretary and Parliamentarian, respectively. Dan Bikle was appointed as Divisional Vice Chair. Non-Senate faculty participation continues for a second year.

Membership appointments to the new standing committee, Clinical Affairs, were completed before the end of the academic year with Secretary Maria Pallavicini establishing terms of service by drawing lots.

Other appointments and nominations
The Committee conducted a number of business items over the e-mail listserv including nominations for service on 1) UC Merced Committee on Academic Personnel, 2) UC Merced Chancellor Search Committee, 3) UCSB and UCDavis Chancellor Review Committees (2), 4) Systemwide UC Merced Task Force, and 5) replacement of Mary Ann Koda-Kimble on the Universitywide Health Sciences Education Committee.

Mark Ryder was appointed as the 1999/00 chair of COC. Afaf Meleis will serve as sabbatical replacement for Patricia Benner for the 99/00.

Faculty Slates - administrative disciplinary hearings
The Committee created two separate lists of faculty for consideration for participation in administrative disciplinary hearings. The lists were forwarded to Keith Wilson, Director, Faculty Relations,. Office of the Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs.

University Service Award
The Committee selected Henry (Pete) Ralston III as the 1998/99 University Service Award recipient.

COC Elections
Elections were held for three new members commencing a 3-year term on September 1, 1999: John Kane, Department of Medicine, was elected as the At-Large member; Brian Cason, Department of Anesthesia, was elected by acclamation from the School of Medicine; and CC Wang, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, was elected by acclamation from the School of Pharmacy.


Respectfully submitted,

Donna Ferriero, Chair
Patricia Benner
Renee Binder
Molly Cooke
Stanton Glantz
Warren Gold
Mark Ryder
CC Wang
Diane Wara
William Bodell, Non-Senate Representative
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