RESEARCH GRANTS: The goals of the Committee on Research are (1) to provide Individual Investigator Research awards to subsidize initial scientific studies of newly appointed faculty and to support faculty who experience a short-term lapse of funding, who pursue a new direction of research, or who wish to resume their research career, and (2) to facilitate research projects by purchasing critical equipment through Shared Equipment awards to groups of faculty. During 1998/1989 the Committee on Research received 45 Individual Investigator Research Grant applications and funded 30 studies ($651,493). The Committee received 31 Shared Equipment Grant applications and funded 19 studies ($524,580). The maximum award for an Individual Investigator Research award remained at $30,000 and the maximum award for a Shared Equipment Grant remained at $40,000.

TRAVEL GRANTS: 65 Academic Senate requests for travel transportation support were received and funded for a total of $27,041.37 to present research findings at meetings of learned societies.

FELLOWSHIPS: Each year the Committee on Research reviews and chooses candidates for fellowships that bring significant funding to the campus. The majority of UCSF candidates are recipients of these awards. This year the Committee conducted critical reviews of research proposals for fellowships made possible through such organizations as Burroughs Wellcome, Merck, Packard and PEW.

FACULTY RESEARCH LECTURE: The Faculty Research Lectureship represents the foremost recognition of scientific achievement bestowed on a distinguished member of the Academic Senate faculty at UCSF. Since 1957 the Committee on Research has reviewed nominations for the Faculty Research Lectureship. Academic Senate members are asked to consider the contributions of their colleagues so that their achievements may be recognized by the University community. This year, the 42nd Faculty Research Lecturer was Roger Andrew Nicoll, M.D. with the Departments of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology. Dr. Nicoll lectured on "Cracking the tough nut: A Journey into the inner workings of the brain" during Founders Week, April 1999.

The Committee on Research discussed research accountability, direct costs, local and systemwide issues relating to health care, research policy, the environment for research, the quality of research support, the need to support infrastructure for the fundamental academic enterprise, concerns about space, and the importance of a good working relationship between faculty and administration.

Respectfully submitted,

Committee On Research 1998/99

Linda Noble, Chair
Julie Schnapf, Vice Chair,
Carol Basbaum
James Bristow
Carol Damsky
Dennis Deen
Joanne Engel
Linda Franck
Stuart Gansky
Sunil Kapila
Emil Lin
Susan Miller
Eliseo Perez-Stable
Morris Schambelan
Anthony Sebastian
Daniel Vigneron
Girish Vyas
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