Privilege and Tenure actions
The final report from a formal hearing which included both a disciplinary action and a grievance conducted August 3-6, 1998 was forwarded to the Chancellor in October 1998, revised, and re-submitted in March 1999. The Faculty member filed a second grievance in April 1999 and the Committee met to determine if a prima facie case was established.

A new grievance was filed with the Academic Senate Office and the Committee met to determine if a prima facie case was established.

Policies reviewed
Departmental Practice of Reducing the Base Salary Support for 19900 Funds to Ladder Rank Faculty
The Committee was asked by Senate Chair Svein ├ćie to consider if the reduction of19900 funds paid to faculty was in violation of the Academic Personnel Manual (APM), inconsistent with the philosophy and spirit of tenure, and was requiring the increase of outside income to balance a negotiated salary infringment of faculty academic freedom. The Committee did not find the practice to be in violation of the APM nor necessarily inconsistent with the philosophy and spirit of tenure. However, the committee neither condoned nor recommended the practice. Lastly, the committee reasoned that a department chair may arbitrarily keep all clinically generated income.

Policy on Termination for Incompetent Performance (AMP 075)
The committee was supportive of the proposed revision of the APM and to include the Committee on Academic Personnel in the evaluation process.

At the request of the divisional Committee on Academic Freedom, the Committee reviewed the newly drafted mission statement on Academic Freedom's role and function.

Chair Dennis Davis and Academic Senate Office Director Renee Goetz authored two papers discussing the administrative aspects of conducting a formal Privilege and Tenure Hearing. The report "Committee on Privilege and Tenure Requirment and Procedures for a Formal Hearing" outlined the responsibilities of the Academic Senate Office, the responsibilities of the chair of the Hearing Committee, and the structure of the formal hearing itself. The second report "Results of Employing an Independent Advisor for a Privilege and Tenure Hearing Committee" was a review of the 1-time pilot study on the employment of an independent advisor-a retired judge-to assist the Hearing Committee in the legal logistics of conducting a hearing.

Respectfully submitted,

Dennnis Davis, Chair
Jeanine Wiener-Kronish, Vice Chair
Gary Armitage
Helen Emery
Julia Faucett
B. Joseph Guglielmo
Henry (Peter) Ralston
Thomas Scanlan
Diana Taylor

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