Dr. Juan Korenbrot served as chair of the Graduate Council. Attached is a membership roster and record of attendance.*

Meeting Schedule:

The Graduate Council held eight regularly scheduled meetings of the committee as a whole and subcommittee meetings on the following topics: postdoctoral support and Council of Graduate Deans Report of Postdoctoral Education (Drs. Korenbrot, Drew, Pytela, McNamara); Compendium of University wide Review Process (Drs. Shafer, Brodsky); Chancellor's Fellowships (Drs. Carrier-Kohlman, Pytela, Bredt); Distinguished Dissertation Award selection (Drs. Bredt, Brodsky, Tilsty); and ARCS Awards (Drs. Bhatnagar, Shafer, Calarco).

The Committee on Fellowships:

The Graduate Council and the Graduate Division awarded Regents, Private Endowment, Graduate Opportunity, Chancellor's, Kozloff, and Krevans fellowships, non-resident tuition and physical therapy scholarships, Office of the President fellowships and Dean's Health Science Fellowships for a total of 138 awards for $1,917,056.

Program Reviews:

The Graduate Council reviewed the Medical Sociology program (Dr. Bhatnagar, liaison) and the Biochemistry, Cell (Developmental) Biology, Genetics programs (Dr. Weintraub, liaison). Council also accepted recommendations from the Bioengineering Program Review conducted in 1997-98 academic year (Dr. Shafer, liaison).

The Council reviewed the details of the Medical Information Science program's plan to admit Ph.D. students; the creation of a two campus department for Bioengineering (UCSF/UCB); a proposal for the evolution of Pharmaceutical Chemistry into two separate programs in Chemistry and Chemical Biology and in Pharmaceutical Sciences; and a proposal of a Master of Advanced Study in Clinical Research from the department of Epidemiology.

During 1999-00, Council will consider the proposal for Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Pharmaceutical Science, and MAS in Clinical Research, as well as a proposal for a Doctor of Physical Therapy. It plans to review the programs in Medical Anthropology, Neuroscience, and Nursing Ph.D.

Other Action:

Enrollment Growth: Agreement of modest enrollment growth for bioengineering, medical informatics, human genetics, and chemistry and chemical biology.

Student Diversity: The Council sent information to all Graduate Program directors about current efforts to enhance diversity and future opportunities available through the Graduate Division.

WASC Accreditation: The Council met with external reviewers from WASC to discuss graduate academic programs on campus.

Postdocs: The Council identified a small number of postdocs, mostly foreign and largely in clinical departments, who come to UCSF without outside support. Council approved a strict set of guidelines to allow such individuals to be appointed by exception only. The Council entered into a debate on ways to equalize vacation time between postdocs on payroll and those on stipends. This discussion will continue in the next year.

For additional information and/or copies of meeting minutes, please contact the Graduate Division.

submitted by Juan Korenbrot, Ph.D.
Chair, Graduate Council 1998-1999

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