The Committee on Educational Policy (CEP) reviewed a number of issues that impacted the educational mission on this campus as well as system-wide. Discussions that resulted in actions or recommendations are presented here.

Inter School Academic Advisory Group
The proposal for establishing the Inter School Academic Advisory Group

(ISAAG) was reviewed. CEP found the committee composition to be problematic and raised additional concerns to the Academic Senate Chair about the need for representation from all schools on campus in the proposed committee, the relationship of this committee to current Academic Senate structure and the clarity of the mission of the committee.

Distance Course Work
The committee reviewed background materials and proposals for establishing the appropriate levels of faculty contact with students in classroom and distance education that were provided by UCEP. Faculty offered clarification for graduate and professional education in a memo to UCEP.

Coordinating Committee for Interschool Teaching
The Coordinating Committee for Interschool Teaching (CCIT) mission was revisited. CCIT's Principles and Procedures to Guide Interschool Teaching was reviewed as were its accomplishments since inception as a subcommittee of the Committee on Educational Policy (CEP) in 1995 to support educational opportunities within the four professional schools and the graduate academic programs at UCSF. Discussion of the pros and cons of continuing the subcommittee included the following points:

  1. CCIT accomplished what it set out to do b identifying academic areas appropriate for interschool teaching and collaboration.
  2. Scheduling a common time for an interschool course presented
  3. formidable barriers as did getting specific teaching groups up and running.
  4. The environment has changed dramatically since the committee was
  5. established and the faculty will to pursue cross-school curricular offerings may not yet as strong today.
  6. When specific demands for cross-school, cross-discipline courses are needed, faculty seem able to work out issues and make offerings.

CEP recommended that CCIT be dissolved and that 3 specific missions be adopted by CEP:

  1. Identify the academic areas appropriate for interschool teaching.
  2. Facilitate interschool offerings that are appropriate and avoid
  3. duplication.
  4. Review on an ongoing basis the status of interschool course work and problems in implementation.

Health Sciences Education Committee
CEP supported the ad hoc Health Sciences Education Committee (HSEC) becoming a permanent committee of system-wide. HSEC will address health science education, health care funding, and future directions.

Committee on Clinical Affairs
CEP members reviewed the proposal to establish a Committee on Clinical Affairs (CCA) comprised of Senate and non-Senate faculty. The CCA focus in on academic mission, clinical training and practice facilities. Some CEP members would have been more enthusiastic had the proposal included reference to faculty at SFGH and VAMC.

Outpatient Physical Therapy Unit
CEP could not make a recommendation to the Chair of the Academic Senate on whether to close the Outpatient Physical Therapy Unit without details or instruction on what functions CEP will have with regard to the closure of the clinical unit.

Respectfully Submitted,

Committee on Educational Policy 1998/1999

Kit Chesla, Chair
William Shore, Vice Chair
Betty Dong
Quan-yang Duh
Howard Fields
Ruth Goldstein
Mark Ryder
Kimberly Topp
Carol Miller

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 Dong x  --  -- x
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