Sally Rankin, RN, PhD, FAAN, Chair

Meeting of September 21, 2001


PRESENT: Chair S. Rankin, Dean K. Dracup, M. Lynch, K. Portillo, M. LaPlante

ABSENT: E. Froelicher, C. Kelber, H. Pinderhughes, N. Stotts

GUESTS: T. Maimon, Director, Office of the Academic Senate

The meeting of the Nursing Faculty Council was called to order by Chair Rankin on September 21, 2001 at 10:06 am in Room N-319D. A quorum was present.

Approval of the Minutes

The minutes from 5/25/01, the last meeting of 2000-2001 were not available for informational review. Academic Senate Staff will work with Mary Lynch to produce future minutes.

Chair’s Report

Chair Rankin reported that with the departure of Zach Hall, the campus has a new Executive Vice Chancellor for Research: Regis Kelly.
The Chair announced issues facing the School of Nursing Faculty Council this year:

  • The Long Range Planning Committee and the site selection for the rebuild of Moffitt Hospital.
  • The Faculty Council needs to work with the Dean to establish a process for the review of the School’s budget and planning and identify protocols for the Faculty Council to relay this information to the Senate APB Committee.
  • The Faculty Council will continue to follow the discussions related to the proposal for a new fifth school of Advanced Health Studies.

Dean’s Report

Dean Dracup announced her support for Faculty Council participation in the school’s budget process.

The Dean announced that efforts to recoup more indirects from the University have been successful: the School of Nursing will temporarily receive 7% and there is the possibility that this will become a permanent return of 15%. The current permanent rate of return is 1.5%. These monies will flow to Geraldine Padilla, Associate Dean for Research in SON, with the intention of funding her office’s efforts and of creating a funding source for seed monies for research. Other possible uses for these funds include an additional 50+% statistician in the School. The SON Research Committee will assist in distributing these funds.

School Expansion - UCSF
Dean Dracup related that a proposal to expand student enrollments was approved by Academic Planning & Budget Committee (AP&B) and the Academic Senate Coordinating Committee. The proposal involves adding an additional 32 students to the MEPN program and an additional 12 students to the Master’s in Nursing Education program, for a total of 120 additional students. The proposal is currently being reviewed by the UC Office of the President.

New Location for Moffitt.
Dean Dracup will be presenting recommendations from the School of Nursing relative to relocation of the Hospital to the Long Range Planning Committee. She reported that she and Dean Koda-Kimble of the School of Pharmacy agree that the clinical teaching programs require the two schools to co-locate by the hospital.

Nurse Practitioner Layoffs
The Dean reported that Nurse Practitioners have been laid off from the Ambulatory Care Center and that these layoffs have had a significant impact on the School’s teaching program for Nurse Practitioners.

Academic Senate Executive Committee

Representative Mary Lynch represented Chair Rankin at the first meeting of the Executive Committee and relayed that Academic Senate Chair Daniel Bikle indicated that he intends to appoint a Task Force to examine existing policies on conflict of interest and develop a document that addresses concerns of administration and faculty.

Academic Planning and Budget

The Council agreed that there is a need to formalize Faculty Council representation on AP&B. This representative would be requested to send informal synopses to Chair Rankin and Dean Dracup. Other topics discussed were the Burrill Seed Venture Fund and Clinical / Adjunct Faculty.

Consideration of Schedule of Faculty Council and Full Faculty Meetings for 2001-02

The Faculty Council agreed upon the following meeting dates:

Full Faculty Meetings: October 19, 2001; February 15, 2002 and May 17, 2002; to be held from 12:00-3:00 p.m. in Room S-214.

Faculty Council Meetings: November 30, 2001; January 25, 2002, February 22, 2002, March 29, 2002, April 26, 2002, May 24, 2002 and June 14, 2002; to be held from 10:00-12:00 a.m. in Room N319D (Dean’s Conference Room).

These dates will be posted in the Calendar link on the homepage of the Academic Senate website at

Election of Faculty Council Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer for 2001-2002

The Chair made a statement about the importance of growing leadership from within Committees and the Council.

  • Vice-Chair – Chair Rankin proposed that Howard Pinderhughes be nominated for Vice-Chair and indicated that she had received agreement from him to serve in this capacity. Carmen Portillo was encouraged to serve as Vice-Chair when Dr. Pinderhughes is Chair in 2002-03.
  • Secretary-Treasurer - Mary Lynch agreed to continue as Secretary-Treasurer.

Identification of Liaisons to Academic Senate Committees

The Faculty Council identified liaisons from the Council for all Academic Senate Committees who are responsible to contact SON faculty on Senate Committees and make reports to the Council regarding Senate Committee activities.

See Attachment A: Liaisons to Academic Senate Committees

Identification of Liaisons to SON School-Wide Committees

The Faculty Council identified liaisons to all school committees.

See Attachment B: Liaisons to SON School-Wide Committees

Consideration of Methods to Expedite SON Faculty Council Business

Quick Response on Urgent Items before the School of Nursing
The office of the Academic Senate will create an email format with "Reply Needed" as the subject line, to be used by the Faculty Council. This process will enable the School of Nursing community to weigh in on issues before the Executive Committee and Committee on Committees that require swift action and/or response.

Faculty Council Committee and S/N Departmental reports
Chair Rankin announced that all school committees will be provided with a report template prior to each full faculty meeting and that the information in these reports will be used to prepare and present reports to full faculty meetings. The Academic Senate Office will send this template to all committee chairs prior to full faculty meetings.

Faculty Council – Nursing Student Communication
The Council agreed to inquire into the possibility of creating a permanent column with updates on School of Nursing issues and activities in Synapse, the campus newspaper for students.

Recruitment Report - Barbara Burgel

Chair Rankin and the members of the Faculty Council praised the Recruitment & Retention Report and the committee that created it, and requested that it be sent out to all Committee Chairs in the School of Nursing by the Senate Staff.

Selection of Hot Topic for 10/19/01 Full Faculty Meeting

The Hot Topic for the October 19, 2001 Full Faculty Meeting will be "Faculty Stress".

Determination of Materials to Add to the School of Nursing Section of the Academic Senate Website (

  • Hot Topic Handouts and supporting materials
  • Reports from the Dean – the Long Range Planning Council Committee power point presentation

Further Consideration of Fifth School Proposal – Need for Ongoing Report

The Academic Planning & Budget (AP&B) Committee is taking the lead doing a review of the fifth school proposal along with Educational Policy Committee, until such time as the Graduate Council takes over to formulate its additions to the review.

Discussion of Clinical Site Sharing with Medical School

Chair Rankin will ask Catherine Kelber, Associate Clinical Professor of Community Health Systems to head up this issue and work through Academic Senate Chair Daniel Bikle to work toward increases collaboration in teaching activities with the Medical School.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:24 a.m.

Senate Staff:
Jennifer Pittman
Senate Analyst

University of California, San Francisco
San Francisco, CA 94143, (415) 476-9000
The Regents of the University of California