Linda Ferrell, M.D., Chair

Meeting of February 8, 2001

PRESENT: Chair L. Ferrell, D. Bikle, R. Filly, F. Longo, D. Wara, R. Warren, P. Weintrub, R. Binder, N. Cohen, S. Wall, R. Krieg

ABSENT: W. Gold, P. Patterson, N. Adler, H. Debas, D. Irby, K. Van Gundy

GUESTS: L. Pitts, Chair Academic Senate

The meeting of the School of Medicine Faculty Council was called to order by Chair Ferrell on February 8, 2001, at 4pm in Room S226.

Announcement from the Chair

  • Introduction of Elizabeth Langdon-Gray, Senate Analyst.
  • The proposed changes in the bylaws for the Faculty Council were distributed to the members for final approval at the next Faculty Council meeting.
  • The proposed increase in percentage of Clinical X positions is an issue on which the Committee was asked to hold a discussion by L. Pitts, Chair, Academic Senate. L. Pitts would join the Committee meeting later in the discussion in order to gain feedback on the Clinical X issue.


PROPOSED INCREASE IN CLINICAL X POSITIONS: Chair Ferrell provided a summary of a letter from M. Drake to M. Cowan, Chair, Academic Council, proposing an increase in the number of Clinical X Faculty to 50% of the Academic Senate and of clinical departments. The Committee discussed the proposal.

The Committee noted the need for clarification of the distinction between the Clinical X and Clinical series. D. Wara presented data that had been provided to the Chair of the Academic Senate from the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs denoting the percentage of UCSF faculty in Senate series. Dr. Wara noted that the majority of faculty in Senate series (Ladder Rank, In Residence and ClinX) are at the professor level. The Committee discussed the predominance of full professors in the Ladder and In Residence series in the Senate. There was a consensus that Clinical X representation in the Academic Senate should be increased.

L. Pitts expressed concern regarding the likely continued decline of In Residence series faculty should the number of Clinical X series faculty be increased. He also expressed hope that an increase in the number of Clinical X faculty would not, in turn, diminish UCSF’s longstanding emphasis on research. The Committee noted this concern but felt that the issue of declining numbers of In Residence series faculty should be separated from the issue of increasing numbers of Clinical X faculty. The Committee agreed on the need for clarification and stringent application of requirements for entry into the Clinical X series.

ACTION – The Committee recognized L. Pitts as their designated representative at the up-coming meeting of the Academic Council at which time UCSF will be asked to take a position regarding the proposed increase in percentage of Clinical X faculty positions. The Committee requested L. Pitts to convey their enthusiastic support for the proposed increase.

The Council members agreed that concerns relating to declining numbers of In Residence Faculty could be addressed in a separate meeting of the Committee. Chair Ferrell also agreed to look into the possibility of a presentation by CAP to elaborate on concerns relating to the declining number of Faculty in the In Residence series.


A special presentation was made by H. Loeser and M. Papadakis in response to early proposals by the President’s office for consideration by the Academic Senates of UC schools to increase the number of students in the professional schools. Three main concerns were noted: 1) limited space on campus and failure of Mission Bay development to resolve this issue; 2) cost of living in the San Francisco area and 3) already limited training opportunities (e.g., ambulatory care, chronic illness over the longitudinal spectrum, etc.).

The Committee discussed this issue and noted that funding for professional students was limited because FTE funds were not directly intended for this purpose. The Committee agreed that emphasis should be placed on supporting clinical teachers rather than pushing forward efforts to increase professional student numbers. The Council members did not see any reason to increase medical student numbers at UCSF given the restraints discussed.


Presentation by H. Loeser on current proposal under consideration by CCEP to reconfigure the 8 week Surgery Core Clerkship (required for California licensing). Discussion is also ongoing regarding alternative proposals for clinical rotations in Anesthesia as this core clerkship had been "blended" with Surgery.


Dr Neal Cohen distributed a recent article regarding conflicts of interest in sponsored research. The guidelines (produced by a group headed by Joseph B. Martin, Dean of Harvard Medical Schools) are designed as a general statement of principles intended to generate discussion regarding this issue. Chair Ferrell requested any feedback be forwarded to Dr. Neal Cohen, Vice Dean.

The meeting adjourned at 5.55 p.m.

Prepared by Senate Staff:
Elizabeth Langdon-Gray
Senate Analyst

University of California, San Francisco
San Francisco, CA 94143, (415) 476-9000
The Regents of the University of California