Renee Binder, M.D., Chair

These minutes were approved by a quorum of Committee members by email. June, 2001.

Meeting of May 1, 2001

PRESENT: Chair Binder, Vice-Chair N. Oppenheimer, D. Perry, S. Norberg, J. Barbaccia, S. Eisendrath, C. Harrington, G. Gregory,

ABSENT: J. Howley, P. Robertson

The meeting of the Committee on Faculty Welfare was called to order by Chair Binder at 12:10 p.m. on May 1, 2001 in room S-226. A quorum was present.

Announcements from the Chair

There was no announcement from the Chair.


The minutes of Tuesday, March 20, 2001 were approved.

Special Presentation by Sandra Norberg
Disability Coverage Available to Faculty at UCSF

S. Norberg distributed a handout that summarized the range of disability coverage currently available to faculty at UCSF. The Committee reviewed this handout, and raised the following points:

  • There is confusion among faculty regarding current definitions of "disability" under short-term and long-term disability plans. (S. Norberg noted that while general definitions exist – and are included in the handouts - the determination of whether an individual meets the criteria of disability is based on physician documentation and determined by the insurance company on a case by case basis).
  • It is unclear whether long-term disability benefits are useful for faculty. Older faculty who are close to retirement age might do better by accessing their retirement benefits. Younger faculty with fewer years of service may do better financially with long term disability benefits than with retirement income.
  • Current coverage is unsatisfactory because it does not cover the Y and Z portions of health science faculty incomes. Faculty members need to consider buying supplemental policies to cover these portions of their income.

The Committee agreed on the following points of action:

  • S. Norberg will provide the Committee with graphs outlining the cost/benefit ratio of current long term disability coverage to faculty at different career stages. This will be done in time for next year’s faculty welfare meeting. E. Langdon-Gray, Senate staff, will publish this graph on the UCSF Academic Senate website.
  • E. Langdon-Gray will draft up a notice (for review by Dr. Binder) that will be placed on the Academic Senate website reminding faculty members that they should strongly consider consulting with their departmental benefits representative about their current coverage and to get consultation about what would be best in terms of their individual needs.
  • E. Langdon-Gray will put the currently available retirement grid on the faculty welfare section of the Academic Senate website.

(Information provided by S. Norberg during her presentation is available on the UCSF Benefits Office website at

Review of Systemwide UCFW Activities – G. Gregory

G. Gregory informed the Committee that:

  • Due to the current energy crisis, there is the threat that funds that were allocated to UC for new projects may be redirected to cover rising energy costs. New programs for the provision of childcare and the subsidization of tuition fees at UC campuses for dependents of faculty may be postponed or scaled down. The UCFW is working to ensure that these initiatives continue to have a high priority.
  • Further strain will be put on the UC budget if a four-quarter academic year is implemented. This change will bring about an increased number of students and there will need to be additional resources including additional faculty time.
  • The current housing crisis continues to be a topic of concern at the systemwide level. Prohibitively high housing costs make it difficult to hire new faculty.

Report of Chancellor’s Housing Committee – N. Oppenheimer, Vice-Chair

The meeting of the Chancellor’s Housing Committee was postponed. However, N. Oppenheimer made the following observations:

  • The University may be restricted in subsidizing housing and parking for faculty because these areas are generally recognized as being self-financed.
  • Housing development at the Mission Bay site may provide some relief for the current housing crisis. Over three hundred new homes will be constructed at Mission Bay.

The meeting was adjourned at 1.10 p.m.

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