Betty-ann Hoener, Ph.D., Chair

June 25, 2001

Dorothy F. Bainton, M.D.
Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs
University of California San Francisco
S-115, Box 0400
San Francisco, CA 94143-0400

Dear Dr. Bainton:

The Committee on Equal Opportunity discussed the idea of ‘Career Review’ procedures like those currently available at UC Riverside. Although the Committee supports the concept, it feels that the onus should not be on individual faculty members to bring to light all merit and advancement issues. Faculty members should have the opportunity to initiate a review process, but departments should play an active role as well.

To do so, the Committee recommends that each year, each department be required to submit an annual report to the Office of Academic Personnel that identifies where their department members are on the merit/advancement timeline (e.g., faculty members’ series, rank, years at rank, step, years at step, history of merits at rank, merit eligibility, promotion eligibility, gender, and ethnicity). This report should also be provided to the Committee on Academic Personnel. If warranted after review of the report, CAP could communicate that a faculty member appears eligible for advancement and request that his or her department respond with an explanation and a current curriculum vitae.

In addition, five-year reviews of department chairs should consider the success of their faculty and include a report on faculty movement within that chair’s department over the five-year period. Department chairs that have a significant percentage of faculty with on-time or accelerated advancements should be rewarded accordingly.

With regard to procedures allowing faculty initiation of a review, the Committee believes that CAP is best positioned to recommend the appropriate procedures for such action. Please feel free to contact the Committee with any further questions.


Equal Opportunity Committee
Betty-ann Hoener, Ph.D., Chair

cc: Lawrence Pitts, Chair, Academic Senate
Brian Alldredge, Chair, Committee on Academic Personnel

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