Betty-ann Hoener, Ph.D., Chair

April 25, 2001

To Michael Cowan, Chair, Academic Council:

We write to join the UC Academic Senate Affirmative Action and Diversity Committee in its support of rescission of Regents' Policies SP-1 and SP-2. We echo the concern over UC's failure even to maintain its former level of diversity, and we believe it to be unconscionable in light of the diversity of our residents.

The UC System should no longer suffer any chilling effects of SP-1 and SP-2 as it works to recruit the talent, ingenuity and courage of a diverse population. SP-1 and SP-2 confer on UC an appearance of failing to recognize and embrace the myriad forms in which aptitude takes shape. Although we must continue to abide by the law as stated in Proposition 209, rescission of SP-1 and 2 will lend credence to the message: All bright and engaged students, all talented and inspired faculty, all dedicated and hard-working staff, you are welcome at the University of California.

Rescission of SP-1 and SP-2 is only one step, but it is a constructive and symbolic action and the right thing to do.


Committee on Equal Opportunity, San Francisco Division of the Academic Senate
Betty-ann Hoener, Chair

cc: Lawrence H. Pitts, Chair, San Francisco Division of the Academic Senate

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