Warren Gold, M.D., Chair

Meeting of December 20, 2000

PRESENT: Chair Warren Gold, Raymond Braham, Vice Chancellor Haile Debas, Joseph Guglielmo, Susan Janson, Scott Soifer, Jane Weintraub

ABSENT: Leslie Saxon, Richard Shafer

GUEST: Senate Chair Lawrence Pitts

The meeting of the Clinical Affairs Committee was called to order by Chair Gold on December 20, 2000 in MUW-427. A quorum was present.


October minutes were not available for approval. The Committee did not meet in November.

Protocols and Procedures for AIR

The Committee asked Chair Pitts for input on the best way to continue with the AIR of SFGH in order to achieve maximum benefit from the extensive work that was done. Concerns were also expressed about the magnitude of additional research that seems to be needed and the Committee’s limited resources in terms of time and administrative support. Further clarification was given on the process locally, with OP, with the City & County of San Francisco and with Sacramento that needs to be followed for any results to be achievable.

Dr. Pitts outlined the way he communicates with Chancellor Bishop through the Chancellor’s Cabinet. He reaffirmed the value of the kind of work that the Committee has done in developing the negative effect that financial difficulties at San Francisco General Hospital, and the resultant administrative actions, have had on student education in all four schools on campus. The AIR provides exactly the kind of information that would otherwise not be brought out because of the Committees efforts in soliciting faculty and student information. This "grass roots" information brings faculty into the problem solving and leads to the formulation of possible solutions, which might otherwise never be developed.

Vice Chancellor Debas suggested that the Committee complete its report for Chair Pitts to bring to the Chancellor’s Cabinet. He also suggested that they include various scenarios in their assessment of the impact different solutions to SFGH’s financial shortfall may have on student education for all four schools. Fairly comprehensive data on the current impact to students in the Schools of Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy has been developed. There are incomplete statistics for the School of Medicine. Vice Chancellor Debas was able to provide some suggestions for obtaining this information.

The suggestion was made to bring the other medical schools into the discussion since they are also facing the same financial concerns in their county hospitals that SFGH faces. It may be possible to develop a coalition of all of the UC medical schools to strengthen the discussion that goes to the Office of the President for support in the search for and ability to implement solutions involving all financial sources, San Francisco, MediCal and Medicare.

Chair Pitts also reaffirmed the responsibility and role of the Committee to take on any issue that it deems to have a significant impact on clinical faculty issues. They should not be deterred by expectations of rejection by senior administration from presenting any subjects that represent the voice, or voices, of faculty interests. Of course, this means that the Committee should be prepared to sometimes be listened to, sometimes not, but the main objective is to put the faculty voice as strongly as possible into the shared governance process. It is important that the faculty issues be, at least, put on the table for discussion.

The Committee should also recognize that it has the freedom to seek support from other venues for large or complex subjects it has undertaken. This support may come through alliances with other senate committees that might have a stake in a possible interest including other campuses and the Statewide Senate. Additionally Chair Pitts offered his assistance to help identify local administrators who could provide some of the data gathering, analysis and support services the Committee needs.

Because of the urgency of the SFGH situation, the Committee will focus on preparing a final report for Chair Pitts at this time.

Bylaw Revision

Bylaw revisions will be undertaken to make them consistent with clarified Committee responsibilities and charges from the Senate.

Senate Staff:
Richard Smith
Administrative Analyst

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