Communication from the Committee on Academic Personnel
Brian Alldredge, Pharm.D., Chair

May 18, 2001

Dorothy F. Bainton, MD
Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs
C-116, Box 0652
San Francisco, CA 94143-0652

RE: Raising Ceiling on Clinical X Series

Dear Dr. Bainton:

In response to your inquiry regarding the Committee’s position on the percentage ceiling applied to Clinical X positions in the Academic Senate, the Committee recommends lifting that ceiling. This decision follows extensive discussion of issues related to the campus’ mission, academic quality, and equality of opportunity for UCSF faculty. Appointment to a series should be based on the nature of the faculty member’s role in the University, not on artificial restrictions, just as the proportion of the Academic Senate represented by each series should reflect the actual composition of the Faculty. Because ceilings suggest exclusion, the Committee believes that any percentage ceiling should be eliminated. As some Schools do not even now reach the 25% Clinical X ceiling, the Committee believes eliminating the ceiling would be unlikely to cause abrupt, significant change in the composition of the Academic Senate.

The Committee is committed to maintaining the current, rigorous standards for appointment and promotion of faculty within the Clinical X series. In this regard, we are actively engaged in discussions related to recent recommendations from the Clinician Scientist Task Force (D. Bikle, Chair) and the committee on revision of appointment and promotion criteria (M. Cheitlan, Chair).

Given the number of full-time, talented faculty on this campus who are engaged primarily in clinical care, teaching, and scholarly and administrative activities, lifting the Clinical X ceiling is an important step toward fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and inclusion.


Committee on Academic Personnel
Brian Alldredge, Chair
Donna Ferriero, Vice-Chair
Carol Basbaum
Martin Bogetz
Barbara Gerbert
Nelson B. Schiller
Sandra Weiss

cc: Lawrence Pitts, Chair, Academic Senate

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