Communication from the Committee on Academic Personnel

March 5, 2001

Diane Dillon
Director-Academic Personnel
Office of Academic Affairs
S-115, Box 0400
San Francisco, CA 94143-0400

RE: Proposed Revisions to APM 140, 145, 150 and New Section 137

Dear Ms. Dillon:

The Committee on Academic Personnel, at its March 5, 2001 meeting, reviewed the proposed changes to the APM cited above. In general, CAP was in favor of the proposed revisions and the new section. There were specific comments related to several specific areas:


  1. What are the qualifications of the grievance liaison, and is this individual an administrative employee? The Committee believes the grievance liaison should be an impartial evaluator of the issue and should not be an administrative employee.
  2. When the grievance liaison is contacted by a faculty member for assistance with informal resolution, we request that the liaison be required to inform the faculty member that attempts at an informal resolution do not extend the 30-day time limit on filing a formal grievance.
  3. With regard to APM-140-32 (page 10, middle paragraph), we suggest that the grievance liaison "shall" (rather than "may") exercise discretion and designate another administrator as the Step II reviewer when the department or unit head took the action that is being grieved.
  4. With regard to APM-140-33 (Step IIIa – page 13), the wording should be clarified to indicate that the written decision is final, except for those issues that are appealable as set forth in Step IIIb.
  5. With regard to APM-140-33, the section states that "no additional issues" may be introduced in the appeal. Please clarify the term "issues" as used here. If the grievance liaison appears to have misunderstood the grievance "issue", can additional facts be given to support the original issue? It would seem reasonable to allow the grievant to supply additional information in this circumstance.


"Conditions of employment" (as specified in APM-137-20) should be added to the list of written provisions provided in APM-137-17.

Please feel free to contact the Committee, c/o Gretchen Gende at 476-4245 or, with any questions you may have.


Committee on Academic Personnel
Brian Alldredge, Chair
Donna Ferriero, Vice-Chair
Barbara Gerbert
Sandra Weiss

cc: Lawrence Pitts, Chair, Academic Senate

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